We are LoliWorks

Moe is Justice!

We are LoliWorks ロリワークス

Welcome to LoliWorks. We are a group of enthusiasts in effort to promote the union and developments of ACGN* communities, and a wider acceptance of the moe culture and related works.

We are the controlling entity of GCG.moe and Girl Cafe Gun Wiki. We are also willing and able to provide technical, production, and consulting services for projects and causes in line with our vision (credits required).

LoliWorks do not, and never will, involve in any erotic activities involving young subjects. We strongly oppose any attempt to sexualise minors.

* ACGN: Anime, Comics (Manga), Games, and (Light) Novels.

Let’s make things together

If you are like us, want to promote and advance the ACGN subculture, and have a project in mind, we would like to work with you to make it happen. Depending on your project, we may be able to offer you:

  • Cost price services;
  • Free consultations; or
  • Free services.

Interested? Send us your proposal here.